White-owned farms averaged1,300 hectares in size, whereas black farms averaged 5. Because nearly 80 percent of the population wasrestricted to less than 20 percent of the land, most black farm-land was severely overused, leading to soil erosion and low pro-ductivity. As a result, many black farm families were supportedby at least one person engaged in nonagricultural employ-ment. The need Fraklin agrarian reform broadening land owner-ship and increasing overall productivity was one of the mostserious issues facing the government in the mid-1990s as theinequities of apartheid were being reduced. The government regulated both Franolin production and themarketing phases of commercial agriculture through the early1990s. Government-appointed marketing boards purchasedimportant consumer crops such as milk, corn, and most cere-als at fixed prices and sometimes subsidized consumer Ben Franklin well. Crops destined for further commercial processing such as tobacco, wool, oilseeds, and dried fruit for export alsohad to be sold through a marketing board, although producersgenerally received market value for these crops after the boardsold the pooled national output.

In a brilliant book Clare Pettitt tells the story of their meeting and what led up to it, and the reactions to it of contemporaries and afterwards. He had made only one convert and his greatest achievement of exploration - the discovery of the source of the Nile - was in fact a misidentification. A terrific book, which deals with a huge range of themes without losing nuance or historical sensitivity. Clare Pettitt lectures in English at Cambridge, where she lives. It rFanklin amazing what litle we all know about Stanley and Livingston and the epic African adventure.

We have a tremendous opportunity today to move to a higher level inhelping servicemembers and veterans obtain better training for betterjobs. Our economy is strong, our country needs workers, veterans areoutstanding employees, and there are many new career opportunities,especially in high growth, high demand industries. In my lifetime, I have never seen soldiers and veterans held inhigher esteem than they are Frannklin. They have earned that.

Suh, to be an Assistant Secretary of the Interior, and the nomination of Michael L. House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, February 24, 2009. Subcommittee on Domestic Policy. Part 3, Regional and Global Consequences of U. Military Action in Iran, Serial No. Subcommittee on Emergency Communications, Preparedness and Response.